The Art of the Dinner Party

Introduction to the culinary world has been an amazing, exciting and delicious experience. I’ve always loved food, and now I love and adore so many of the people that I have met through Chef Scott and The Culinary Adventure Company. Many of our tour partners have become great friends – interesting, sincere people with a shared passion for making others happy.  When the invitation arrives to attend a dinner party at the home of one of these incredible people, to have the privilege of a home cooked meal shared amongst close friends, we jump at it.

Throwing a great dinner party is an art. It requires a thoughtful host, comfortable surroundings, an interesting mix of guests and of course, delicious food and drinks. Our friend Tal, who we met at Olive & Olives through our Riverside/Leslieville tour, was inspired by her conversations with Chef Scott about brisket.  And we are so happy about that, because she created a fabulous dinner with a Moroccan/Middle Eastern theme.

Tal’s Menu

Nibbles to Whet the  Appetite

  • Cerignola Olives w/fennel – these were from Olive & Olives and were the best olives I’ve ever tasted
  • Tamari Almonds – had never tasted these before and will definitely be picking some up at Whole Foods
  • Zubrowka Vodka – this Polish Bison Grass vodka was smooth and slightly sweet (available at the LCBO)

First Round of Deliciousness

  • Spanish Style Cod – cod with roasted red peppers (Tal used the Red Piquillo peppers from Olive & Olives), garlic, evoo, sherry vinegar (my favourite dish of the night….at least till we got to the brisket….I could have eaten the whole pan and just soaked up the juices with fresh bread)
  • Crustless Spinach Pie – with feta, onions, cheddar, parmesean…and a ‘crust’ of parmesean and sesame seeds – one of Tal’s favourite things to serve and new favourite for Chef Scott
  • Beet Salad – steamed beets with mint, fresh clementine juice and salt – perfectly cooked beets, and the juice added a lovely citrus taste

Spectacular Mains

  • Beef Brisket – Tal used her Mom’s 40 year old recipe for this brisket traditionally served at Rosh Hashana and Passover – this was definitely the star of the dinner – tender, moist, incredible flavour
  • Chicken Syrian style – with tumeric, evoo, onions – mouthwatering and delicious
  • Tunisian Carrots – steamed and dressed with lemon, garlic, salt & pepper, evoo, cumin and fresh Italian parsley – loved the addition of cumin which was a new taste for me
  • Asparagus – steamed and always a favourite
  • Celery Root Salad – French style with mayo, lemon, green onions – fresh and a wonderful side dish
  • Barley Risotto – made with homemade vegetable stock, red peppers and mixed mushrooms – love the nutty flavour of the barley and a nice change from rice
  • Salad – Escarole with hearts of palm and roasted tomatoes

Decadent Dessert

  • Moroccan Coconut Cake
  • Flourless Hazelnut Chocolate Cake with coffee flavoured whipped cream
  • Fresh Green Tea with Mint – served in beautiful Moroccan tea glasses

The spread was abundant and fantastic and by the time dessert arrived, there really wasn’t any room left for more than a bite.

The evening was full of lively chatter and lots of laughs, amazing food and wine all wrapped up in the warm glow of friendship. What a lovely night it was and one we won’t soon forget. Tal….anytime you’d like to have us back, we’ll be there!

Back soon……….Princess

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  1. Loved this post! Would you be interested in being a guest blogger with this on the Riverside BIA website. on our Blog. We just launched this website and this would be a great blog article. We also are huge Fans of Chef Scott from Culinary Adventure Co and Tal and the gang at Olive and Olives on Queen E in Riverside! Thanks for this

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